Dhuandhar Fall and Bhedaghat


The Dhuandhar Falls is located on the Narmada River in Bhedaghat. Dhuandhar fall is said to be India’s Niagara fall. The water current is too high and when it falls at high speed it creates a fog like effect. dhuandhar_fall How to reach Bhedaghat? From Jabalpur ISBT shared auto runs till Dhuandhar fall. The journey was around an hour long and charges 25 Rs. Places to see River Narmada is very sacred to Hindu religion. The origin of Narmada is Amarkantak which is around 220 km from Jabalpur. The cable car facility is available in Dhuandhar fall to cross it. dhuandhar_fall Another side is called new Bhedaghat. From here one can get the closer look of the mighty fall. The Chausath Yogini temple is also situated here. dhuandhar_fall After savoring the splendor of nature I went to Bhedaghat for boating in between the marble rocks. That was awesome life time experience. A big boat consists of around 30-40 passengers and charges 25-35 Rs for a one hour ride. The fun part was the commentary that was delivered by the boatman. bhedaghat_boating At some places Narmada is around 350 ft deep, which is quite risky considering we didn’t have any safety arrangements like life saving jackets etc., but sailing in between the marble rocks was such an amazing experience that I forgot everything. bhedaghat_boating The sun was setting on the river and I was cherishing the moment and thanking god to give me this opportunity to be a part of it. bhedaghat_boating Where to stay? Jabalpur hotels vary to suit all needs and preferences. Ranging from star hotels to low cost hotels, Jabalpur has it all. There are a good number of budget hotels in Jabalpur that offer good comfort and facilities at affordable prices. What to eat? Jabalpur offers variety of cuisines through its chain of restaurants. Being an important city of Madhya Pradesh it does have its share of eating joints that you can usually find in any big cities of India. Besides that what I found is the neighbor states particularly Maharashtra and Gujrat have their food presence here. The famous Bhel-poori is one such example which was readily available everywhere in Jabalpur. Another thing I tried was ‘mangore’ a kind of pakoda of north India. Best Bargains! At Bhedaghat one can buy a marble statue of almost any God or Goddess. Even one can ask to make a replica of his own. Madhya Pradesh offers a wonderful shopping experience. The State is renowned for its textile products and keeps its tradition alive in exquisite Chanderi and Maheshwari saris, and the wondrous Zari work it has to offer.

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